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About Tina

Tina D Howell      It is said that people who have a vision and are truly determined to achieve their own goals can change the world around them. Tina D. Howell is known for doing exactly that, achieving goals and effecting change, for herself and for those around her.

Tina as a mentor, teacher and inspirational guide

      Tina D. Howell is a naturally gifted teacher, mentor, and motivator that dedicates her time to helping others reach new levels of performance and insight in their own lives. Currently, she serves as a life coach and public speaker inspiring and motivating individuals as well as large audiences.

Tina’s ability to rise above her circumstances and passion for igniting a fire in others has contributed to her business and personal success. Upon graduating with honors with a major in chemistry and minor in mathematics, Tina began her journey of helping others by becoming a math and science teacher. It is here where she recognized the satisfaction she received from challenging minds and teaching others how to harness their potential. Although she loved this experience, Tina knew she had to rise far above ordinary expectations to make a difference in the world.

After success in several small entrepreneurial ventures, Tina decided to open a home health care agency in Dallas, TX. In just a few years, she partnered with another small business owner and together their built one of the largest minority owned home health care agencies in the state of Texas, growing that company to a revenue of over 19 million dollars. During this time, Tina also opened the first Wingstop franchise location in Miami-Dade County. Remaining true to her desire to always challenge herself, she successfully opened three additional Wingstop locations. Today, she is the owner of the top-grossing restaurant in the region and remains among the top performing locations in the franchise’s system of over 700 restaurants.

Tina now uses her business and life experiences to coach others into reaching their desired level success and full potential. She truly has a gift for inspiring those around her. Tina holds gatherings where she shares information about finance, personal growth, spirituality, and array of other topics to women eager to learn from her.

What’s Tina’s philosophy on personal success?

We are who we believe we are. We can accomplish what we believe we can accomplish. What we think is powerful, and what we believe to be true is important. I focus on spirit and the development of spiritual insight and discernment. . Activities that promote personal growth and development are at the top of my to do list. I realize that I am not perfect, but I’m to accept what is as part of the process as I error, grow and learn.”

Tina is available for public speaking events. While her most requested speaking engagements revolve around personal growth and development, she is a diverse individual that can inspire an audience through many different avenues.

Tina can be contact at info@tinasperspective.com


  • Miami Today Newspaper's "Achiever" Award for 2016
  • Broward County's 100 Outstanding Women for 2015
  • Wingstop Million Dollar Store Award 2010-2015
  • Wingstop Top Gun Restaurant Award 2010-2012


Past Appearances

Black Enterprise Magazine Acceptance Speech

Tower Club Women's Profession Luncheon 

South Florida Women of Color Empowerment Conference 

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